Shockpad Underlay


  • 7mm Thick
  • 1.20m x 12m
  • Shockpad Underlay For Decking and Concrete Bases
  • Price per roll


Great for use on decking boards and patios.

Designed to be laid directly beneath any of our artificial grass products to produce a softer feel under foot.

On decking boards and patios it will reduce the chance of lines showing through on the surface of grass.

Can be installed loose laid, stapled, nailed or pegged to all prepared bases of concrete, wood, sand or soil.

If you are using the underlay over sand or soil once laid the underlay will need to have drainage holes created along the length and width of the underlay. It is best to use something like a screwdriver and make the holes every 500mm along the length and approximately 3 – 4 holes across the width to ensure suitable drainage. If you are using the underlay over decking the drainage holes will need to be formed along the joints of the decking boards to ensure the water runs straight through the decking and has less chance of collecting.